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The nick's Joyyodda!
one of a kind!
& no one can find,
any kid who will be
just exactly like MEE xD
I turn a year younger every 8 Jan ;P
Currently enjoyin the sugar life of 19!
Cause, life's easy as peach ♥

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  • Selfish thoughts

  • These simple things.

  • We almost lost it

  • I should have known. In fact i always have known.

  • You hurt my pride

  • Another toss of the coin

  • I need a distraction.

  • Internal battle.

  • We're not broken, just bent.

  • Will you.

  • ::memories::

    Monday, June 30, 2014
    Selfish thoughts

    As if missing out on my first cousin's wedding wasn't enough.
    Being present for my second cousin's wedding, yet was ripped off it just like that.
    Bystander i am. Bystander i will be.

     I know it's not right for me to have these thoughts.

    I am glad and happy to help out. I am thankful for this opportunity.

    I'm just sad that i had a choice to get involved in the fun and finally be in front of the lens for once, or to help out with the wedding shoot.
    Every picture that i see in my feed. Happy beautiful faces. Glamorous dresses and fame for a day... i get envious and think.. i was supposed to be there to.

    Just feelin like a loser. Having to hide in one corner and rush my editting while the others have time to be beautiful and take pretty photos while i look like shit.

    It was a fruitful day..
    just empty is all i felt.

    Selfish thoughts. bad for health.
    Goodnight. good bye

    This life dont last forever... LaLaLa & it ends here~ 12:32 AM